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Best Led Grow Lights Review

Selecting the best grow lights for indoor Cannabis cultivation!

19 Juillet 2018 , Rédigé par 101 Led Grow Lights

When you have made a decision to how to grow marijuana indoor, It is very important to provide proper grow lights to the plants.

When the plants are grown outdoors, The natural sun light is sufficient for a plant. Plants absorbs energy from sunlight through the process of photosynthesis. But when the gardening is done indoors, Plants needs artificial energy and lights to enhance the natural plant process of photosynthesis. Grow lights can be used for food production, indoor gardening, indoor hydroponically grown plantation etc.

Grow lights are the artificial source of light and energy that enhances the growth of a plant by generating required light and heat for the process of photosynthesis. Grow lights generates the light spectrum that either matches to that of Sun or is altered as per the requirement that suits climatic condition and plants requirements.  

But before choosing any grow light for your indoor cultivation, Cultivators should keep few pointers in mind. Before installations of grow light, Its important to know the requirement of grow lights as per the cultivation room size. If there are less lights installed then the plants may show some deficiency symptoms like pale stem, Yellowish leaves etc. Hence before choosing the number of lights to be installed, you may refer to LED requirement calculators that are easily available online these days..


There are various grow lights available these days for indoor gardeners, Lets discuss on few of them:

  1. High intensity discharge:

    • Metal halide

    • Ceramic metal halide

    • High pressure sodium

    • Conversion bulbs

    • Switchable blasts

  1. Fluorescent grow lights

    • Tube style fluorescent lights

    • Compact fluorescent lights  

  1. Best led grow lights


1 High intensity discharge:

High intensity discharge light have become quite famous and popular people’s choice.

Its also because of its easy availability and less expensive installations and maintenance charges. Out of all, Metal halides and high pressure sodium is used the most by indoor cultivators.

Metal halides grow lights are the type of high intensity discharge light that produces hues of blue, white and violet lights which matches to the hues of lights that comes during spring and the starting of autumn season. It is commonly used in large scale food productions and also by indoor cultivators. Specifically for cannabis, these lights are quite useful as they play a important role in making the roots stronger and enhancing the immunity in plants. Its because of this similarity in light spectrum and blue and violet shades that indoor cultivators observe that plants respond to the lights in a better way as compared to other lights. They also play a vital role in enhancing the yields as compared to the other grow lights.

High pressure sodium grow lights are also one kind of High intensity discharge lights. This is considered as a best grow light for cultivating cannabis as it is extremely useful for cannabis plant in their early seedling stage. The light that comes out of it is usually between orange to red spectrum that makes it the most useful lights for plants and specially cannabis cultivation.


High intensity discharge lights :



As discussed earlier, the HID Lights like Metal halides seems very natural to the plants which gives a added advantage to the plants overall growth. It also enhances the stem quality and makes the roots stronger.

High intensity discharge lights are good for all types of cultivation. It may be used in hydroponic cultivation, Soil cultivation or soilless (coco coir) cultivation.

It is relatively new technology with hence cultivators these days prefer using HID lights.

In areas where the temperature is relatively on the lower side, HID lights generates the heat in help in maintaining the right temperature for the plant.

It produces Ultra violet rays which is required to enhance the photosynthesis procedure.


 As discussed above, The HID lights emits lot of heat, which is good for cold region, But in normal temperature for such heat there should be proper exhaust fans and cooling agents so as to maintain the temperature for the plants.

HID lights produces Ultra violet rays which is good for plants but may be harmful for cultivators who are regular visitors of the grow area.

High intensity discharge lights needs external blaster to ignite the lights, Hence its not an easy procedure to just turn on or turn off the light.

Fluorescent Grow lights:

Fluorescent lights are another source of artificial energy that is used for indoor gardening. Fluorescent lights are easily available in E commerce websites and local grow light stores. It comes in various types like spiral bulbs shapes, cylindrical tube shaped or even in some places you may get it in normal bulb shapes. It is available in many colours as well. It is not so aggressive and strong as High intensity discharge lights but is very suitable for cultivators who are cultivating cannabis in a very small amount. There are two types of fluorescent lights: Tube style where the lights emits from a cylindrical shaped thin tube that covers larger area as compared to compact lights.

Compact style lights comes in smaller bulb shapes that cover lesser area but it fits in a normal bulb electric holder.  



These lights are typically less expensive and require less or no maintains.

It has a easy installation procedure and unlike High Intensity Discharge lights it may not require a blaster to turn it on.

It does not emit large amount of heat.


Unlike High intensity discharge lights, these lights does not emit the energy so aggressively, hence the plants get less energy for their process of photosynthesis.

These lights are not as strong as other grow lights hence the number of installed lights increase as compared to other grow lights.

LED grow lights:

LED (Light emitting diodes) lights are very famous among the indoor cultivators because of the results that comes out after its installations. In some researches it is also shown that LED lights creates resistance to infections and disease in plants and encourages the process of photosynthesis.


Advantages :

On a regular usage of LED lights, it requires less maintenance and expense.

As compared to HID lights, these lights emit less heat, hence it would require less calling procedure.

The setup of LED lights is not so difficult and in most of the lights would not require a blaster.


It is quite useful for a plant in its initial stage of seed germination and vegetative stage.


The first installation cost of LED lights is more. It has a expensive installation procedure.

It is not strong enough to cover large cultivations or food productions.

Choose the right light for your plants to have good results.

Thanks for reading.  



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